Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Convertible Cities Tirana 2011 - Some student's works

student: Akid Fani

1. The critical mapping model

2. Analysis

3. The final presentation

4. The final model

Student: Agi Ceka

1. Critical mapping model

2. Analisis.

3. Presentation's paper.

4. The model.

Student: Olesia Lami

1. The critical mapping model.

2.The final presentation.

3. The final model.

student: Anisa Spahiu

1. Critical mapping

2. The final model

student: Lisiena Dimo

1. Critical mapping

2. Conceptual schetches

3. The final presentation

4. The final model.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Convertible Cities 2011 - Soweto/SouthAfrica - some added news to the briefing

Dear all

Firstly I will like to apologies for not being available myself on Saturday, I had to attend a Family funeral in Pretoria. I hope you received my message through Thabo. It was my wish to be present on that day. Thank you for the commitment and  effort you are showing in this project, it means a lot to me. I will do whatever it takes to make it work. Regarding the classrooms, I think I do agree with Thabo on the number of classrooms as this is in line with the requirements of the Municipality that the children has to be divided in according to their developmental stages. It will be  cl advantageous to add extra one classroom to make it 5.

Classroom 1-  3 months- 2 years to accommodate 15 children
Classroom 2-  2 years -3 years to accommodate 20 children
Classroom 3-  3years -4 years to accommodate 30 children
Classroom 4- 4years -5 years to accommodate  30 children
Classroom 5- 5 years -6 years to accommodate 35 children
1 office
1 store room
1 kitchen
1 Paint room/internal play room (optional)
1 Sick Bay or this can be combined with the Office.

With regards to the accommodation of students I think you need to guide us, whether will they prefer to stay around the township or outside maybe in town? So that we should start searching for accommodation.

Thanks again really it means a lot to me, let’s work together to make this project to be successful for the sake of the children.

Warm regards,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Convertible Cities 2011 - Soweto/SouthAfrica - the briefing

Let us see what text format theis can use:

Jelly Tots Day Care

The project:

Jelly Tots Day Care
Lindiwe Patience Khoza
Stand No. 17662/17   
Protea Glen Extension 8, Soweto, Gauteng
South Africa

The briefing:

The existing building in Soweto is currently used as a Crèche for
130 children, 'cramped' in 3 rooms, as well as housing for Lindiwe.
Today the existing house hosts two rooms for the children, the babies
and the small kids 2-3 years, the garage host approx. 50 bigger children.
Lindiwe lives in two small bedrooms, a living room and the kitchen that
serves both the residence and the crèche.
The main challenge is to generate more space for the crèche,
as demanded by the municipal inspectors, but also to enlarge in a way,
that the solar energy can be captured in winter and avoided in summer,
enlarge the structure though needs to take into account the financial
possibilities and maybe envisage a plan in phases to realise the
Enclosed pls find the link to the site via Google Earth.

The challenge:

Enlarge the existing building in a way that would generate the extra space
required and accommodate the creche and Lindiwe's family. Use the garage
and or the in the plan envisaged extensions, or develop solutions using the
second floor option or envisaging a solution that extended the existing building
into a development, that uses the extension space along the boundaries,
generating a safe courtyard for the children.
The enclosed plan shows the design of a local draughts-person where two spaces
are added behind the garage and the living room is extended towards the street.

The questions:

- how to enlarge and accommodate the all functions in the building?
- use a second floor solution?
- accommodate the living functions with the crèche functions?
- extend the garage or eliminate it?
- extend along the borders and creating an internal space?
- addressing the sun orientation of the building?
- use of the space between the building and the garage?
- phasing of the project and finacial implications?

this is a first list of issues,
pls give me some feed back about further information and/or
design relevant details for the project.

I will then put the pictures and this briefing and all extra information
as the scanned plans on our site, the convertible city at:

so that these informations are available for everybody!

let me know asap,



SPACE MATTERS architecture & urbanism
sarah calburn & dustin a. tusnovics architects
cell:  +27 73 1495 037
tel:    +27 11 4470 867
fax:   +27 86 6866 493

235A, Jan Smuts Ave.
Parktown North
2193 Johannesburg - South Africa

Dr. Dipl.Ing. dott.arch
University Lecturer & Visiting Professor

Dear Dustin
I appreciate you commitment with regards to Jelly Tots Pre-school. the scope work is as per our Saturday discussion.
The deliverable
Lindiwe Khoza Must inform the team how many number of classes to be considered as per age group
My Proposal is 4 x classes rooms - 1 for 3months to 2 years, 1 for 2 to 4 years, 1 for for4 to 5 years and 1 for Grade R which is +5 years
1 x Paint room/internal play room
1 x Bath for all races
1 office block
1 kitchen
1 Store room
Outside court yard/play ground


Background Infos:

Dear Dustin
Thank you for your valuable time to meet us regarding the up-grade of Jelly Tots Pre-School.
Mrs Patience Lindiwe Khoza Will make follow-up regarding the issues highlighted at the meeting which are as follows:
  1. Dustin to contact other European Students to assist with regard to the best solution for the pre-school eg Design of new class rooms, considerations of the upgrade of the existing classroom - Responsible person is Dustin - Final Date 31st May 2011
  2. MrsLindiwe Khoza to advice whether she would like to still utilise the facility as her home, so to this the design can incorporate the residential area - confirm before 20th of May 2011
  3. Mrs Lindiwe Patience Khoza to confirm her % of  contribution towards the projects - confirm Mid August 2011
  4. The construction would be in September 2011 starting date to be confirmed by Dustin 
Thabo Mncube (Design Engineer)
Thabo Consulting Eng (Solar Thermal & Renewable Energy)
Stand 227, 113 Second Street, Wynberg
+27  11 440 3526 -  Landline
+27 76 373 4050 - Cell

Convertible Cities 2011 - Soweto/SouthAfrica - the scaned plans

Convertible Cities 2011 - Soweto/SouthAfrica - the images